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“He is rich who is content with the least; for contentment is the wealth of nature.”  Socrates (469-399); Philosopher

                                                            Today’s Weather

100_565933 deg F
Mostly sunny
Wind: SW 5-6 mph
2:30 pm

Since today is a unique day (12/12/12) we decided to go find a cache, just in case a souvenir was given out.  Robert picked out two on the old Air Force base in Oscoda, knowing they probably didn’t get as much snow as we did, we’d have a pretty good chance of finding one.  Thankfully he did pick out two, we couldn’t find the first one!  So we moved on to the second one and was able to find it.  We then headed back home, more “chores” to do.

After seeing the eagle yesterday, I decided to do my walk right around the same time today, just to see if he/she was there again.  I strapped on my Yak Trax and off I went.  And much to my delight, I spotted the eagle in very near the same spot.  I quietly took a few more steps and was very excited to see another one sitting right beside it!  A pair, yeah, I’d heard there was a family of eagles around and was glad to confirm that rumor.

Our pair of Eagles

Right after this picture was taken, the one on the right flew off, followed by the other.  I took a few steps and was immediately surprised by a  Pileated Woodpecker flying from a branch right above my head to another tree.  I was unable to snap a picture before it flew off again and at the same time, a black squirrel ran across the road in front of me.  I softly told it to go hide, there are eagles in the area!!  Wow!  What a treat.

Once I got to the end of the road, I was still looking for the eagles and to my surprise, they were sitting on the newly formed ice on the lake.  I didn’t think the ice was thick enough to support one, let alone both eagles.  But again, before I could get my camera read to go, one flew off, but I was able to catch the other on the ice.

Eagle on ice

I turned around and began back down the road hoping I could catch a glimpse of one of the eagles again.  I always feel bad when I frighten them off, I  know they are waiting for one of the small ducks on the lake to look ‘particularly appetizing’, and I know I don’t like to be disturbed while either preparing dinner or eating dinner, so I tried to be as quiet as I could.  A little way down the road, yup, there he is, sitting beautifully on a branch.  I quickly snapped another picture and kept walking as quietly as possible.


I continued on my walk and began hearing a “tap tap tap”.  I knew it was a woodpecker and after scanning the trees in the area, I finally located it on the tree right in front of me!  It was a small Downy Woodpecker and  he seemed thoroughly engrossed in his search for bugs in the bark of the birch tree.  It seemed to me that he could care less that I was standing just a few feet away.  These are the encounters I enjoy the most.  Being present but not disturbing them in their activity.   I then continued on back home, enjoying the beautiful blue sky and sunshine, because I know tomorrow may be totally different.


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During the long, hot, buggy summer, we began planning our fall  trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  This year we decided to go back to Copper Harbor since it has been over 20 years since our last visit there.  We also decided to combine some of our favorite activities:  hiking, geocaching, waterfall hunting, and we also included copper hunting this time, we were after all, going to “copper country”.  We arrived in Copper Harbor late in the afternoon, and checked into our small cabin that we had rented and then walked around town for a bit, mostly to alleviate the sitting we had to endure for the last 10 hours.  The weather was not ideal, it was cool, cloudy, windy and showery.   We know that the weather in Michigan in the fall is unpredictable, so we dressed for whatever weather we had at the time.

After a very nice dinner at a local restaurant, we went back to the cabin to plan our next day’s geocache adventure.  There were approximately 26 caches on a seasonal road that we decided to do.   We arose early the next day, grabbed a quick breakfast, packed some “caching snacks” and off we went.  It was raining on and off so our Jeep quickly became encased in a film of orange mud.  That was something new to me, I’d never experienced the orange, or should I say, copper colored mud before, so we quickly flipped over the mats inside our Jeep (much easier to clean the mud off the rubber side instead of the carpeted side!).  We finished the Mandan Road series late in the afternoon, and I have to say to anyone who would like to do this series, a 4X4 is not required, but be aware, it is a seasonal road and it is very rough and very hilly.

Our second day of caching took us up to the top of  Brockway Mountain and then along the Lake Superior shoreline westward towards Eagle Harbor.  There were some spectacular view of the Lake Superior along M-26.  One of our caches was named “The Devil’s Washtub”.  We couldn’t quite figure our why it was called this, until we arrived near the cache.  It was just rough enough on the Lake to make this an exciting place.

We arrived at Eagle Harbor and quickly found the cache in the area.  We noticed that the old Coast Guard Station museum was open so we looked around for a bit and then continued on.  Just after leaving the Station, my husband suddenly stopped the Jeep and quickly backed up, he had spotted a bald eagle sitting in a tree right next to the road.  We both broke out our cameras and were able to snap some pics before it flew off.  How fitting to see one in a small town called Eagle Harbor!

While we were taking pics at one of the caches near a waterfall, a nice couple sat down at a picnic table and broke out the largest muffins I had ever seen!  We had been told of a wonderful bakery, The Jampot Bakery, but had yet to find it.  I asked them if those muffins were from that bakery and they promptly told us where it was.  When we arrived at the bakery, which is operated by Catholic monks, we were treated to the most amazing smells ever!  I purchased some pear butter, and jams and of course, two of those wonderful looking muffins.  I have to support the local causes right??  Anyway, they were delicious and I think I was on a sugar high all day!  We again finished our caching late in the day, went back to the cabin and relaxed for the evening.

Our final day on the Keweenaw Peninsula started out with some clearing skies.  We packed the metal detector and decided to do some copper hunting after finding our last few caches in the area.  We arrived at Clark Mine and started hunting for copper on some old tailings piles and very quickly the detector started beeping.  We dug and were surprised to actually find a small piece of copper!  We continued hunting and uncovered a few other rocks with copper running through them.  We were quite excited about this but couldn’t spend all day here in that we wanted to do some more exploring around the area.

After some driving on the back roads looking at the fall colors, we arrived in Mohawk and found the Bird’s Eye Maple Store.  It was right at their closing time, but luckily for us, there were still some customers in there, so we did have a chance to look around.  I had never heard of Bird’s Eye Maple, but some of the local eateries in Copper Harbor had tables, and even a full length bar made from it, and it is absolutely gorgeous!  I was able to purchase an engraved coaster just to remind me of how rare and beautiful this wood is.

Overall, this visit to the Keweenaw Peninsula was excellent.  We found 59 caches, seen 3 different waterfalls, found some copper pieces, and seen some beautiful views of Lake Superior.  The fall color on the peninsula was not at peak, and patchy in some areas, but what had changed, was very pretty.

Happy Caching!

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