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We are having some pretty nasty weather here in the Au Gres area, we’ve gotten so much rain that the walk to our deck and my flower bed are underwater.  It’s kind of comical to see my mulch floating around.  Thankfully, I have decorative stone around it or I’d be cleaning mulch out of the yard!  So, we’ve had to put our caching on hold for a few days.  I thought you might be interested to know how and why Robert and I got into geocaching.

On our profile at geocaching.com, we are listed as being members since Nov of 2007 but our first cache wasn’t found until Nov 7, 2010.  Why the delay you may wonder?  Robert had heard of geocaching back when we were stationed in Portland, Maine in the late 1990’s, but we didn’t have the time to research it further.  In 2007, Robert came across the geocaching website by accident, but again, we didn’t have the time to research it further.

In September 2010, we were camping on Cooke Pond on the Au Sable River and decided to hike the Highbanks Trail out to the Canoer’s Memorial and back.  While eating our snacks at the Memorial, we noticed two elderly ladies head into the woods down the trail we had just come off of.  We were intrigued, not at the fact that two ladies headed down a hiking trail, but the fact that they had to be in their 80’s or even 90’s.  We finished our snacks and headed back down the trail.  Shortly we met up with the elderly ladies and struck up a conversation.  I asked them if they hiked much, and that’s when they told us they were geocaching.  That sparked the interest again, but this time, we have the time to devote to it, so we dove in.  We learned how to navigate the website, and how to find caches that are hidden in our area.  We dug out our old GPS unit, which was approximately 10 years old, but still seemed to work fine.  We loaded the lats/longs into our GPS and decided to head out to River Road, which runs along the Au Sable River.  We started at the Canoer’s Memorial, since there is a cache not far down the trail from there.  We didn’t know what to look for, but our GPS got us fairly close to GZ and then we spotted it.  We were both excited, and instantly hooked.

Is it the hunt?  Is it the find?  We don’t know which is better.  All we know is that we enjoy both aspects of it.  But it also gets us into areas that we would probably not have ever visited.  So we have become much more aware of our surrounding area, and we are hoping someday that we will find our ideal plot of land to finally settle down on.  Who knows!?

Happy Caching,



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