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Wow!  It’s been quite a while since we’ve geocached.  It’s been extremely hot and buggy up here lately, so we decided to give the gps a break.  Plus, all the other fun stuff to do in the summer has been calling to us for quite some time!  My sister-in-law came up from Mobile, AL and we’ve recently recruited her into the geocaching world so we decided to go to the Upper Peninsula for some rock collecting from Whitefish Bay (you can find the best flat, smooth rocks, excellent for painting on) and also do some geocaching.  I am a “Yooper” at heart and every time I cross the  Mighty Mac, I sigh deeply and tell myself, “Ahh, I’m home!”  This is our first geocaching trip up here and it definitely won’t be our last!

We arrived at the bridge around 11:00 am and what a beautiful day!  Our first two caches were located in the Trout Lake area and we quickly picked them up and continued on north.  The bugs were not too bad, not as bad as I had feared.  We’ve lived in the U.P. before and are quite familiar with the vampire mosquitoes, black flies, and other large biting insects, but today was a nice surprise, we came out of the woods with as much blood as when we went in!

One of our caches took us to the Eckerman Trout Pond area, and oh what a treat!  Upon crossing the stream we found an artesian well and then continued on further into the woods to the cache.  We marveled at the sights and thought, “of all the times we’ve been in the area, we never knew this was here!”  That’s the beauty of geocaching, it takes you to places you may never have known existed or would have ever thought to go to.  After tearing ourselves away, we continued on north towards Whitefish Point.  We stopped at the Tahquamenon River Campground for a cache and found ourselves “extreme” caching before long.  The notes tell us to take an unmarked trail behind one of the campsites, and we did just that, but the trail soon disappeared and we found ourselves bushwacking through all kinds of trees and bushes, all the while, looking for any hint of a trail and trying to follow the arrow on our gps.  After is got really bad, we decided to turn back and get ourselves out of that mess, of course, nothing looks familiar so we continued to bushwack our way back out.   After a while, we found ourselves back at the campground and decide to follow a trail along the Tahquamenon River, and of course, that led us right to the area of the cache.  But wouldn’t you know, we couldn’t find it.  We searched and searched, and finally had to give up.  That was the hardest DNF we’ve ever worked for!

We then picked up a few more caches and ended our caching day at Shelldrake Lake.  It’s a very secluded lake that came into being after a small dam was built.  We walked across the top of the dam and down a nice trail and found the cache easily.  We marveled at the area, but then our hunger pains were getting the best of us so it was time to go into town and find some supper.

After supper, we decided to go up to Whitefish Point to collect some rocks.  I could spend a whole day there on the beach looking at rocks and building cairns.  Watched a Laker pass by and the sunset was gorgeous.

Awoke early the next day, anxious to get another day of caching in, and was treated to a beautiful sunrise over Whitefish Bay.  I didn’t have my camera with me and didn’t want to wake the others, so I recorded it in my mind and can still see it as if I were still sitting there.  We ate breakfast at a small local restaurant and then headed out for our first cache.  Our first couple of caches were in the Paradise and Whitefish Point area and were picked up very quickly.  We then moved inland and found ourselves at the neatest cemetery I’d ever seen.  After finding the cache, I looked down at the greenery and discovered that the little bushes were covered with wild blueberries!  Oh!  What a treat!  We all spent a good half-hour picking and eating the sweetest little berries ever!  We had to move on, but searched the vehicle for whatever we could find in case we came across more berries at another cache.

We then drove out to Vermillion Point which used to have a working lighthouse and seen numerous people out picking wild blueberries all along the seven miles of road out to the light.  We told ourselves that we must return next year prepared to do a lot of picking.  Our next cache was out at Crisp Point Light and this was a quite a drive, and in one section of it, we noticed a lot of blueberries and decided to stop on our way back to pick some to take home.  We arrived at Crisp Point Light and immediately headed up to the top of the light and what a view!  We read the history and marveled at how the preservation folks have restored the light to it’s current beautiful condition.

On our way back, we located the berry patch we had seen earlier and quickly began picking berries.  We filled up two tupperware containers fairly quickly and jumped back into the Jeep and headed back towards Paradise.  We had a five hour trip back home to do, so we decided to forgo the caches at the Tahquamenon Falls area which required some hiking.  We had an excellent time and will be coming back this fall to head up to the Keweenaw Peninsula to do some caching up there.

Our wildlife count: 3 Hawks, 1 Bald Eagle, 3 Partridges, 2 Snakes, 2 Ground Squirrels, and an unknown black and white butterfly.

Happy Caching



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