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Since Robert is the Campground’s “Pool Maintenance Man”, he is required to submit a water sample to the State Health Department, which is located in Gladwin.   So I thought, why not take care of some caches while there?!  I found just one right in town, the others that were on the Cedar River Walking Path had been archived, so I expanded my search to the area between Gladwin and Pinconning, since that was to be our next stop.   When we arrived in Gladwin, it was just a few minutes after noon, (maybe we should have gotten up earlier?…) and little did we know, the Health Department is closed from noon to 1:00 pm.  So we went and located the cache that was in town, which took just a few minutes, (very unique container, and waved at Heidi) and then I thought “what are we going to do for 50 minutes?”  Since it turned out to be a pretty nice day, we decided to take a walk on the Cedar River Walking Path.  We have crossed over it numerous times on M-61, but had never stopped to experience it.  After just a short distance, Robert noticed a very large snapping turtle in the sand along the bank of the river.  We were kind of concerned, it didn’t seem real active (how active is a turtle supposed to be?…), while leaning over it to take the below picture, I was secretly asking it not to snap my toe off!

We continued on down the path, passed a trout farm in which their pond seemed to be very full of small trout swimming and splashing around, even jumping out of the water (showing off for whomever was watching at the moment).  We then came to a skate park where the trail split, since we’d been walking for about 20 minutes, we figured we’d better head back, but decided that we needed to come back and see where the trail finally ends up.

We completed our business and headed on out of town towards the next two caches.   Upon arriving near GZ, we immediately noticed the very large ditch that was still full of water.  Being the vertically challenged person that I am, I knew I would not be able to jump the ditch and not get wet, so Robert said he would go get this one.  He indeed jumped the ditch and headed off  through waist high ferns.  He had a bright yellow shirt on, so I could keep an eye on him from the edge of the road.  He then came back a few minutes later with a bit of swag (trinket from the cache).  This time, the launching area to jump the ditch was quite a bit smaller, and unfortunately, he did get a bit wet, but not too bad.

The next cache was just a short distance down the road, and in this location, the ditch was even wider than the previous location.  We located the cache owners driveway and was able to walk the edge of the ditch to near GZ.  We then went deeper into the woods and wouldn’t you know, we woke up every mosquito in the area!  And oh, were they hungry.  We had a bit of a hard time locating the cache, and as I was decoding the hint, (and trying to swat every part of my exposed arms), we figured out the hint and began looking anew.  We then located the cache pretty quickly.  We signed the log and almost ran out of the woods with clouds of mosquitoes following us.  Needless to say, we’ve been rethinking our caching sites for maybe some more “urban” areas!

Our wildlife sightings for the day:  snapping turtle, rainbow trout, large mouth bass, and kingfisher.

Happy Caching,









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