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Our run of beautiful, above average fall weather is forcast to come to an end soon, so we decided to get a caching day in before the rains come.  We have been wanting to go back to Wurtsmith AFB in Oscoda, MI to complete the seven caches on the Fitness Trail, so we thought why not?!  We added a couple new ones in East Tawas and a couple of others on the AFB, to ensure we reached our 400th cache today.  I packed some PBJ’s and soda (fuel of champions on the Fitness Trail!!) and off we went.

The first new cache in East Tawas took us to Dewey Park, a park that we had never been to before.  It’s a very nice, multi-sport park, with a couple of canals that meet up there, so it seems it has just about something for everyone.  The cache was an easy find so we quickly recorded that smilie and moved on.  The next new cache took us to the parking lot of a local eatery.  This was also an easy find, but many muggles around, so we parked as close to it as possible, grabbed it, brought it back to the Jeep, signed the log there and then quickly replaced it.   On to Oscoda and the AFB.

One of our extras on the AFB was stated to be on the cache owner’s property.  We don’t usually cache on private property, but thought we’d drive by and since it’s a week day, if there were no cars around, we may try it.  Unfortunately, many cars were parked in their drives, (maybe due to Columbus Day?), so we opted not to get that one.  We then picked up another quick find and headed for the start of the Fitness Trail.  We read the signs at the start and looked at the map to get a feel for the layout of the trail.  The caching notes stated it would take about 1 1/2 – 2 hours to complete the series so we called up the first one on the gps and off we went.   The first couple of caches were fairly close to each other and were pretty quick picks.  The third one though, had us stumped for a little while.  Our gps kept pointing us to an area that we could see had been trampled but we couldn’t come up with it.  We then stood back and let our “cache sense” kick in.  We broadened our search and started looking in other areas.  Finally!!! After what felt like a half an hour, I finally came up with it.  We looked at our gps and it was about 20 feet off.  I told myself to keep that in mind in case other caches were not quick finds.  I also realized that wearing short pants may not have been such a great idea.  I figured the caches would be a little ways off the trail, but I didn’t think I would be trampling around in pickery bushes.  By the time we got back to the actual trail, I looked like I had been attacked by a rabid ankle biter!  All I could say was “Oh well, it’s too late now” and we continued on.  The next couple were fairly easy finds, again our gps was off, but now that we know that, we were able to locate them a little quicker.  In between numbers 5 and 6 is a cache that is not related to the Fitness Trail, but is just off the trail.  We attempted to find it last December, with no luck.  The most obvious spot was empty so we really thought the cache had gone missing.  Since we were out here, we decided to give it another try.  This time we got the smilie!!  And to add to our fun, one of the previous cachers had dropped off one of their pathtags!  We enjoy collecting pathtags and now have eight.  We would like to have one of our own made and probably will very soon.  Just have to decide on a design.  We then located number six in the series and finally had all of the numbers to complete the latitude and longitude of the final cache.  We punched in the numbers and had the direction and distance to the final cache.  We located that one very easily and had the Fitness Trail completed.  Yeah!!!  Once we got back to the Jeep, I realized I had left my camera there.  So I apologize for not having any pics to go with this post.

Our only wildlife sightings today were squirrels, and many of them… too many to count.  They must really love this area!  Had a great day and yes, we reached 400, actually we now have 401 found caches.

Happy caching!


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It’s been a few days since we last cached, and I felt the need coming on to find some caches.  Since I had to go to Saginaw for some jewelry making supplies, (my other life:  a jewelry designer and crafter) I picked out some caches in the Linwood/Kawkawlin area that were on the way and also some in the Bay City area.  We have never cached in an urban area, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect.  I tried to choose caches that are placed in parks or cemeteries, at least I knew that walking around a those places in the middle of the day is not out of the ordinary.  I came up with 17 caches, so after breakfast, we packed up on off we went.

The first two were pretty easy finds, the third was at a pier on the Kawkawlin River.  Since it was a beautiful morning, expecting people not to be fishing was a bit too much to ask.  Part of the “game” of geocaching is to practice stealth when muggles are present (see previous entry for definition of a ‘muggle’).  I grabbed my camera and put on my best “I’m not from here” act and began taking pictures of the river and of a heron that was also fishing for breakfast.

Robert whispered distances to the cache as we walked down the pier, once were were at ground zero, we stopped and started looking around and nonchalantly feeling under the handrails.  Nothing.  He then started talking with one of the fishermen, who just so happened to have gotten his hook snagged on something in the river.  At least I knew he was preoccupied and could probably care less what we were doing.  His buddy, who was just there, was a little more talkative.  After a few minutes of not being able to find it, we decided that we would stop back on our way home and maybe there wouldn’t be anyone there, so we left and continued on towards Bay City.

The next few were in very busy places, but we were able to park right next to them and make quick work of the finds.  The next one was a little more difficult.  It was hidden near a church that had an academy attached to it.  And wouldn’t you know, we arrived in time for morning recess, and also when the maintenance man was mowing the yard.  We decided to come back to that one in a hour or so and hopefully it wouldn’t be quite so busy around there.

Our next few were in parks so we were able to find them pretty quickly and without too many muggles around.  We then moved on to the Saginaw River side of the city where one was hidden near a marina.  There were people around and from what we could tell, it was hidden in the rocks lining the marina.  Again, I grabbed my camera and put on my “tourist” act while looking for the cache.  I did notice a tall ship, The Appledore, across the river with a load of school children getting underway, so I snapped a couple pictures.

We looked for a little bit longer, but felt that the longer we poked around, the more attention we were bringing to ourselves, so we decided to call it a day and go on down to Saginaw and pick up the supplies I needed.  We found 12 of the 17 I had picked out, so all in all, it was a good caching day.

As far as ‘urban caching’ goes, I like backwoods caching much better.  Usually the only “muggles” you have to worry about are deer, game birds, squirrels, and other furry creatures that have no idea why you are in their territory poking around.  At least I don’t have to worry about them getting on their cell phones and calling the police about suspicious looking people snooping around where they don’t belong.

Happy Caching,


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