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Shortly after Robert and I started geocaching, we realized that we wanted to put out a cache of our own.  Since there are not a lot of caches in our area, we wanted to get people to stop and see how beautiful our little area on Saginaw Bay is.

Task number one, find the ideal hiding spot.  We have a wild area across the road from us so we hit the trails and came up with a great spot.  Not too far off the trail, and not too far from the road.  Perfect.  We recorded the gps lat/long with our newest Garmin gps, but also compare it to our older model’s reading and they were almost identical so we knew we were good on that aspect.

Task number two, name the cache.  Since we live right on Saginaw Bay, the number one activity around here is fishing.  Spring and summer bring in the walleye fishermen, while the perch fishermen show up in the late summer and fall.  We knew we wanted to have a fishing themed cache and planned on initially loading it with lures, bobbers, and most anything else fishing related.  Now the name…hmmmm.  Walleye, Perch, Fishing, Saginaw Bay.  Eureka!!  “Wall-eye C U Perching Fishing”.  When standing at our cache, you can look out and see Saginaw Bay, and may even spy some passing boats, so we were pretty pleased with this name.

Task number three, decide on a container that can handle all the weather that is thrown at us here in Michigan.  We purchased a clear plastic, screw top container that had a very good seal, big enough to hold our log and the “swag”, but still small enough to fit in our hiding spot.  Robert then broke out the camo “duck” tape and decorated it.  We loaded it up and went on to task number four.

Task number four, submit our request to the gurus at Geocaching.com.  We filled out all the required information, set all the attributes we felt applied, suggested parking areas and the best place to enter the area.  Hit ‘submit’ and waited to be approved or disapproved.  The following day we received an e-mail saying our cache was posted/added to the site.  Yeeha!  We have an active cache!

We weren’t sure if anyone would come to our cache this late in the season (mid-November) or if it wouldn’t be found until spring.  But just a few days later, we received an e-mail stating our cache had been found.

It is now spring, and as owners of a cache, we were curious as to how it had wintered in its hiding place.  Since the water had gone down in the ditch that surrounds the area, we decided to check on it.  Unfortunately, the water hadn’t gone down as much as we thought and I got two wet feet trying to jump the ditch, but our cache was in good shape.  It was a little more exposed than we wanted, so we picked up some surrounding leaves and such, and covered it a little better.  Can’t make it too easy, now can we?!

We plan on putting out a couple more caches in our area, have to start back up at task number one, but it really is a lot of fun.

Happy caching,



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